If there are two scenes booming in Grand Rapids and Kent County right now, it’s biking and craft beer.

If you’re an avid cycler or are looking to start cycling as a new hobby, you’ll find that cyclists often stop at breweries along their routes to grab some food, prepare for another long ride, or chat with other cyclists.

If you’re not familiar with the area, the sheer volume of options for breweries along bike routes can be daunting.  

We’ve rounded up just some of the local breweries where cyclists often meet:

Bikers cycling through Downtown Grand Rapids along the river

Bikers cycling through Downtown Grand Rapids along the river

Photo by Experience Grand Rapids

First Things First

Before you start your cycling excursion, you should know the rules of the road.

If you’d like some more guidance on biking safety, check out the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition or My City Bikes for safety instruction and ideas for additional routes around Grand Rapids.

If you’re looking to start your route in Grand Rapids, we recommend taking off at the White Pine Trail. More trails can also be found on the My City Bikes app.

Cedar Springs Brewing Co.

[21 miles from downtown, and about a two-hour bike ride]

One brewery that’s frequented by cyclists is Cedar Springs Brewing Co., just north of Grand Rapids. Cedar Springs Brewing Co. is located a short distance from a White Pine Trail trailhead and is an ideal start, finish, or mid-ride destination for cyclists.  

The brewery also hosts “Radfahrer” Bike Nights every Monday night from May to September beginning at 6:30 PM. Cyclists, or “Radfahrers,” have the choice of taking two cycling trails depending on at which pace they’d like to ride and receive a discount on appetizers and power-packed meals. “Radfahrer” Bike Nights are free and open to the public, but cyclists are required to wear a helmet while riding.

Visit Cedar Springs Brewing Co.’s website and follow them on social media to interact with other like-minded cyclists.

Rockford Brewing Co. exterior hanging sign

Rockford Brewing Co. exterior hanging sign

Photo by Experience Grand Rapids

Rockford Brewing Company

[13.5 miles from downtown, and about a 75-minute bike ride]

About seven miles north of Grand Rapids, Rockford Brewing Company lies directly on the White Pine Trail.

Rockford Brewing Co. has a patio and bike racks right next to the trail, making this a convenient and popular destination for cyclists. Due to its ideal location, the brewery often hosts meetings or events for local cycling groups such as the West Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance (WMMBA).

Visit Rockford Brewing Co.’s website and social media to stay up to date with cycling events.

Bier Distillery exterior display of beer bottles

Bier Distillery exterior display of beer bottles

Photo by Experience Grand Rapids

Bier Distillery

[Seven-and-a-half miles from downtown, and about a 45-minute bike ride]

Located on the White Pine Trail just south of West River Drive is Bier Distillery.

Known for its craft drinks and unique food options, Bier Distillery has options for everyone. The Distillery is also a prime spot for cyclists because of its close proximity to other breweries. While you’re at Bier Distillery, take a one-mile bike ride to Elk Brewing’s Comstock Park location (see below) and/or a four-mile bike ride to Perrin Brewing Co. (both of which, have bike racks!)

Elk Brewing - Comstock Park

[Seven miles from downtown, and about a 40-minute bike ride]

Also right off the White Pine Trail, and just a smidge closer to Grand Rapids than Bier Distillery, lies Elk Brewing’s Comstock Park location. Take a break from your route by grabbing a burger, sandwich, wrap, soup, or salad, from Elk Brewing’s large menu.

If you’re looking for an even greater workout, bike to Elk Brewing Comstock Park every-other Sunday at 11 AM and attend, Get BENT with Kate! For only $10, attendees can participate in the one-hour yoga class and receive a pint following the workout. Pre-registration is not required, and attendees are encouraged to bring a yoga mat.

City Built Brewing Co. coaster on bartop

City Built Brewing Co. coaster on bartop

Photo by Experience Grand Rapids

City Built Brewing Co.

[North side of downtown Grand Rapids, near Canal Street Park]

If you’re looking to meet with cyclists in Grand Rapids, check out City Built Brewing Co. near Canal Street Park located on Monroe Avenue. Known for its scrumptious Puerto Rican cuisine, City Built Brewing is frequented by cyclists due to the bike lanes located right outside the front door.

Follow along with City Built Brewing Co.’s Facebook page to stay updated with cyclist related events and meetups.

Founders Brewing Co.

[South side of downtown Grand Rapids, near the Rapid Central Station]

Grand Rapids’ largest brewery, Founders Brewing Co., also happens to be the brewery most frequented by cyclists all year round. Founders’ offers several bike racks around its location to accommodate cyclists.

Founders is also the starting and ending point for bi-weekly PedalGR meetups on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM. PedalGR is a slow-to-moderate pace cycling group that rides anywhere from 12-20 miles every other week. PedalGR is free to participate, but all riders must wear helmets.

These are just a few of the breweries in the Grand Rapids area that are great stops along your cycling routes. As a reminder, please drink responsibly, and never drink and ride.

Download the My City Bikes App and plan an adventure today!

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