Ghost restaurants are popping up throughout Grand Rapids. While some might be afraid of the idea of ghosts, few diners will be scared of the delicious food these restaurants are bringing to the Grand Rapids food scene. 

A ghost restaurant isn’t scary; it’s simply a standalone restaurant in a non-commercial setting or a separate brand set up inside the kitchen of a current restaurant. Either way, since a ghost restaurant doesn’t offer seating, it is delivery-only via Door Dash, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, or available for you to pick-up and take off.  

Why ghost restaurants? As restaurants closed due to COVID-19 concerns, their kitchens were empty. Local restaurateurs saw an opportunity and approached business owners or decided to expand their own menu with a twist. It’s a win/win for everyone! New “restaurants” can open without finding and paying for a space, and diners have more food options.

Dining and drinking craft beverages on rooftop.

Enjoy your food from 9th St. Steaks on Mertens Rooftop (formerly Haute).

Photo by Experience Grand Rapids

9th St. Steaks is one such ghost restaurant. Operating out of Mertens Prime, 

9th St. Steaks is known for its Philly-style cheesesteaks. Every single ingredient is made from scratch, including all the sandwich bread created by their highly skilled bread baking team. Freshly sliced whole ribeye and homemade cheese whiz put the sandwich over the top. Owner Anthony Tangorra says even if you are incredibly hungry, one cheesesteak, one order of onion rings, and one milkshake will definitely feed 2 people. “Our portions are very big,” he says. 

If you are ready for a break from your house, enjoy your food from 9th St. Steaks on Mertens Rooftop (formerly Haute)! 

The aptly named Ghost Kitchen To Go operating out of Linear Restaurant’s kitchen serves fresh, scratch-made flatbread panini sandwiches, fresh salads, and handmade noodles. While Linear Restaurant provides creative dine-in only dishes, Ghost Kitchen To Go is here to serve delicious meals enjoyed at home. Their extensive menu features Wagyu Steak and Falafel paninis served with Ghost Chips, delicious Drunken Noodles, desserts, and much more.

In addition to their craft beer, City Built Brewing Company's menu is inspired by Puerto Rican cuisine.

Li Grand Zombi is operating out of the City Built Brewing Co. kitchen.

Photo by Experience Grand Rapids

For a delicious taste of Creole food, look no further than Li Grand Zombi operating out of the City Built Brewing Co. kitchen. This ghost kitchen features a different special each week, such as crawfish hushpuppies served on top of cheesy grits smothered in a crawfish cream sauce with a side of cucumber tomato salad and cornbread, or crab salad stuffed jumbo tiger shrimp, breaded and deep-fried, on a bed of succotash with remoulade drizzle. And of course, don’t miss the ever-popular seafood gumbo. Vegetarians can keep checking back so they don’t miss the Vegetarian Hoppin' John. Prices range from $18 - $25 and these dishes are also hearty enough to feed two.

Li Grand Zombi is open for takeout and delivery Thursdays from 3 PM to 8 PM, and noon to 10 PM Fridays and Saturdays.  Remember to ask about adding delicious City Built Brewing beer to your order!

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While we are all finding our new normal right now, there are also amazing opportunities to try new things, or rediscover old. Invite your friends and family to take a road trip to Grand Rapids to experience all the city has to offer. With plenty of open spaces, outdoor activities, and great food and drink to refuel you, it’s the perfect place to be social and socially distant. 

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